A Friendly Intro

Hi guys! Call me Jenn if you want, or not, I guess? Hmm…

Anyway, this first post is just a little “what’s gonna be happening on this blog” kinda thing. A Friendly hello and introduction, if you will.

My plan (here’s hoping I don’t jinx myself- I wonder where the word jinx came from? Uh, maybe later) is to post interesting little tidbits (like, did you know a group of frogs is called an army? An army!), to essay length posts about pretty much anything (like Pluto. I really like Pluto).

I’ll answer questions if you have any, and I’m constantly asking my own, but I hope to learn something new through this, and who knows? Maybe you will, too!

(P.S. While I’ll be doing extensive research on all topics I decide to write about, I am not an expert and may get some facts wrong. If you catch it (kindly! I have delicate feelings) tell me, and I’ll do my best to revise or remove any false information.)



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